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Count the people walking in the image to the right. Count the number of steps. Count the number of briefcases. Are any of your answers the same?



Look at the following series of numbers.


Which numbers are even?

Which numbers are two syllables? What numbers are prime numbers?

What numbers are double digits?

These are all examples of an Auditor's activities.


Auditors examine and prepare financial records while checking for their accuracy. Auditors use math to identify trends, mismanagement of funds, and deficiencies in performance.

Looknaround your room.


Count the number of;

Potted Plants

Light switches




Which item has the largest number?

Which items has the lowest number?

What assumptions do you need to make before beginning?

Report your results.


These are all examples of a Statitician's activities.

Statisticians use math to solve problems. These professionals collect data, design surveys, and then interpret the data and report conclusions.

Math Activity #1

Math Activity #2

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